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Layer 1 for Real World Assets & Privacy

LTO Network is a Layer 1 blockchain with a Public and Private layer to bridge the gap between real-world and digital ownership, decentralized identities, and privacy.

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True Asset Ownership

Our network is built for Ownership.

Using our hybrid architecture, we have developed a world-class GDPR-compliant and privacy-aware suite of applications and an ecosystem that bring true decentralized ownership for real-world assets to the digital space.

Private Layer consists of Identity, Assets, and Tokenization while Public Layer consists of Secure and Verify2024 RWA ROADMAP HERE
Ownables text plus 3d shaped symbols

Ownables redefine digital collectibles.

Private and unlockable content along with advanced dynamic & consumable content.

Get the SDK3d cubes with different terrain on them

A Decentralized Future needs a Decentralized Identity

Our Proofi software provides KYC and AML compliance for Web3.0 Wallets whilst keeping sensitive data private.

The data is available cross chain via ChainLink.

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Your Wallet Is You

A multi-cypher advanced wallet with embedded CosmWasm smart-contract widgets and a decentralized identity mechanism.

Your assets have full power.


Meet the vibrant team behind LTO Network

Rick Schmitz
Martijn Migchelsen
Shawn Naderi
Arnold Daniels
Chief Architect

Press Kit

Our Press Kit and Branding Assets

LTO Network's branding should look clean, futuristic and minimal.

You can access our latest branding elements here.