Hybrid blockchain built for business

We are the trust layer for every business application. Easy, scalable & GDPR compliant.

Why we created LTO Network

Over 10 years ago, the blockchain was invented. Since then, it has been extolled as the revolution in business technology. But in terms of real world applications that enhance business processes, the technology struggles to get adopted.

Instead of focusing on the next revolutionary blockchain that is untested and unproven and light years away from reality we focused on making technology work for us today!

LTO Network is a fully decentralized and highly efficient blockchain infrastructure that is easy to integrate in existing systems that brings efficiency and is production ready.

Production ready, compliant and easy.

Production Ready

Blockchain projects keep pushing technology boundaries with promising, but untried and untested new concepts.

LTO Network optimizes elemental blockchain technology that has proven to work over the last decade.


Blockchains store data in an immutable way and share them across the network. This doesn't meet the privacy regulations.

LTO Network allows information to be shared peer-to-peer, where deletion requests propagate to all parties.


Blockchains are siloed and cannot easily communicate with your existing systems. Usually logic is redefined on Smart Contracts level.

LTO Network is developed for collaboration using existing systems, with Live Contracts that contain both on- and off-chain instructions.

Why businesses should use a Hybrid Network

The promise of blockchain and working together in a seamless and trustless way is something all blockchain developers are striving for. Businesses tend to lean towards consortium chains to address privacy issues blockchains traditionally struggle with.

It's hard to get together a consortium where all members feel comfortable with privileges granted to the authoritative parties in the network. Especially as they are required to switch and rely on an entire new IT system.

LTO Network allows for ad-hoc collaboration, where rules are determined between parties by a contract only and not on a network level. Because the entire global network helps to protect integrity, processes may start centralized, allowing all parties to connect at their own pace.

Blockchain shouldn't require us to throw everything that is currently working for us overboard. With LTO Network we are breaking the barriers for organizations to reach the next level of efficiency when doing business together.

Our products

LTO Network provides a method to make data tamper-proof and shareable among organizations in a compliant way.

Proof Engine

LTO Network's Proof Engine allows you to secure any digital data against manipulation, protecting businesses against digital fraud.

Our Proof Engine is easy to integrate in existing IT infrastructures and connect to any (legacy) system through an API.

Add a layer of trust to invoices, medical records, emails, documents and other digital data in a matter of minutes at a fraction of the costs.

Workflow Engine

Data silos are the top barrier for organizations to reach the next level of efficiency when doing business together. This is hard to solve as stakeholders are reluctant to create and manage shared systems that allow for automation and effective collaboration.

LTO Network has created a tamper-proof system that lets organizations create trustless, automated workflows to operate on equal footing through so-called "Live Contracts".

We are solving the 'silo effect' for every organization.

Inside a LTO Node

A node consists of an orchestrated cluster of Docker containers, capable of scaling to any size.
Select any component in the diagram below to learn more about our setup.

Rest Api Layer
Api Gateway
Application Layer
Workflow Engine
Event Chain Service
Private Chain Layer
Queuer Service
Message Queue
Dispatcher Service
Global Chain Layer
Proof Engine

Workflow Engine

The Workflow Engine facilitates running processes and holding the state.
  • Processes are modeled as deterministic extended finite state machines.
  • System actions can be performed by the node without requiring human interaction.

Our Clients

We provide the most lightweight and easy to implement blockchain solution that is currently available. Learn more about our use cases or contact our team to see if LTO Network can unlock value for your organization.

Custodian chain

LTO Network enabled us to digitize the international waste transportations. Earlier, a paper-based transaction took place at each physical stop of the truck. Now, real-time transparency is ensured for all stakeholders, while providing the authorities with the information to better predict and fine illegitimate transactions. Bringing efficiency and reduction in process time”

Audit trail

In order to provide an extra layer of data security & strict compliance rules that are adherent to inspection reports and data entries we implemented LTO Network into our Capptions application. With more than 20.000 users of the app we need to handle a lot of data and rely on a scalable infrastructure and instant verification. With LTO Network this is possible.

Time stamping

We experimented with document time stamping through multiple blockchains. However if we wanted to include the blockchain timestamp proof in the log of the signed document we required instant verification. With LTO Network we can add instant immutability to the documents being signed on our platform.

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