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About LTO Network

Organizations explore blockchain for the cost-savings and efficiency that can be gained through trustless collaboration. The same way we did in 2017, as a B2B software company ourselves.

As we experienced, smart contracts had severe limitations when it came to daily business operations. That's why we built LTO Network. A platform for optimized timestamping and efficient collaboration using Live Contracts.

Our goal is to help you succeed with blockchain. Watch the platform video and get in touch with us today to see LTO Network can add security and value to your organization!

The 4 Pillars of LTO Network

LTO Network - Rock
LTO Network - Rock
LTO Network - Rock
LTO Network - Rock
LTO Network - Rock
LTO Network - Rock LTO Network - Rock Security


If proof becomes important, it’s often already too late. Protect and secure your systems, personnel and clients through fast and immutable timestamps.

Learn how the Dutch Standardization body -NEN- secures their certificates on LTO Network →


Through digitizing paperwork and streamlining collaboration on processes between multiple parties - administrative overhead can be reduced significantly.

Learn how the Dutch ministry of transport saved €7M on a pilot using Live Contracts →

LTO Network - Rock LTO Network - Rock Cost-efficiency
LTO Network - Rock Automation


LTO Network uniquely allows for data re-usage and automation without switching systems that are currently used in your organization. Simply link the API to minimize the transition efforts.

Learn how criminal justice can be sped up by 400% with LTO Network, while retaining legacy systems →


Many projects have failed due to GDPR-incompliance. With LTO Network, your data is never on the blockchain. You’re responsible for your data and the blockchain is only there to verify it. The way it should be.

Learn how Capptions’ important inspection reports can be verified without data on-chain →

LTO Network - Rock LTO Network - Rock Compliance
LTO Network - Private Chain
LTO Network - Public Chain

Tech: Hybrid Blockchain

Businesses are drawn to blockchain by the potential cost-savings that be gained through trustless collaboration. Unfortunately, privacy constraints prevent wide-spread adoption of public blockchains.

Consortium chains provide an alternative, but these re-introduce most of the issues blockchain tries to solve, including network authority, memberships, conflicts of interest, and high setup costs.

LTO Network allows for ad-hoc collaboration, where private data is shared peer-to-peer between parties. There is no need for a consortium as the entire global network helps to protect integrity.

Together, we can break the blockchain barriers and reach the next level of efficiency.

Our product suite

Having working solutions and integrations really differentiate LTO Network from many other blockchain companies and communities. Next to that, we also build our own products on LTO Network. Learn more about them below!

Contract automation for professionals. Fillthedoc is a powerful tool to fetch data from multiple systems and processes into one - or more documents.
90% of all cyber crimes begins with an email, acted on by a human. It's time for a trusted digital transaction tool. Free to use, for everyone online. It's time for Proofi.
LetsFlow allows developers to automate processes using the tools we know and love. The focus is on integrations for both third party services and your own proprietary applications.
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Software Vendors

Do you want to know more about our products, pricing and reseller options? Rick is here to help you out!

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Curious to learn how LTO Network can increase your process efficiency or have a general business inquiry?

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