Inspection reports on Blockchain (Capptions)

Inspection reports on Blockchain

Inspection reports & data entries in the Capptions application are stored on the LTO Network blockchain to provide immutable evidence.


Involved parties

Capptions's 80+ enterprise clients and 20,000 users who rely on the immutable evidence for their inspection reports.

Business challenges

PDFs are vulnerable to counterfeiting

Paper-based reports and checklists are easy to counterfeit. The content of a PDF or a picture taken during inspection can be altered afterward.

Information can easily be modified

Data collected during an inspection is centrally stored. Should any problems arise, this data can be tampered, thus makes the data less reliable per definition.

Isolation of information sources

In inspection processes, data needs to be shared both internally and externally. As the parties are all isolated from each other, it is hard to share data effectively.

Solution overview

Capturing immutable evidence

Devices used to collect data during inspection has been verified and contains an ID which is used to sign the submissions of each data entry and report being generated, to create an immutable record.

LTO Network - Capturing immutable evidence
LTO Network - Real-time compliance reporting

Real-time compliance reporting

Demonstrating compliance is crucial in industries that work with dangerous goods or in hazardous environments. By combining LTO Network with the inspection application of Capptions, we enable real-time compliance reporting for all your crucial business processes. This process allows you to gather information for regulatory reporting seamlessly.

Effective data sharing

We share data that is gathered by the involved parties through the LTO Network connected systems. Stakeholders can benefit from data re-use and reduction of manual process handling.

LTO Network - Effective data sharing

Advantages using LTO Network

LTO Network - Rock LTO Network - Rock LTO Network - Rock LTO Network - Cost savings

Cost savings

Administrative tasks such as manually entering data into your system, which in turn was received by letter, fax, or email, belongs to the past. With the blockchain technology of LTO Network, all parties can collect structured data into the systems they use to execute and administer these processes. LTO Network reduces the administrative overhead with more than 30%.

LTO Network - Rock LTO Network - Rock LTO Network - Easy integration

Easy integration

With LTO Network, you don't have to change your entire IT infrastructure. You can use your existing systems and applications to administer, record, and communicate with LTO Network. The implementation of LTO Network is as simple as connecting an API.

LTO Network - Rock LTO Network - Rock LTO Network - Compliant by design

Compliant by design

Demonstrating compliance is essential in any industry. With LTO Network, you can record all data entries and steps in your business processes to safeguard evidence and comply with regulations. LTO Network enables one-click compliance reporting for both internal and external communication on your business processes.

LTO Network solution
Traditional solution
LTO Network solution
LTO Network solution

Using blockchain to streamline processes leads to higher productivity.

Traditional solution
Traditional solution

Paper-based reports and checklists don't allow for automation.

Counterfeiting Prevention
LTO Network solution
LTO Network solution

Data and Inspection reports become more valuable when independently verifiable. Inspection reports become immutable through hashing and anchoring on the LTO Network blockchain.

Traditional solution
Traditional solution

Inspection reports are prone to mutations. In the case of a calamity, the responsible persons usually want to modify specific information to disculpate themselves.

Data sharing
LTO Network solution
LTO Network solution

Data and inspection reports stored on the LTO Network blockchain can be effortlessly, and GDPR compliantly shared among multiple parties, reducing time, costs and improving business efficiency.

Traditional solution
Traditional solution

Paper-based inspection reports must be scanned, emailed, and subsequently processed into the system that the receiving party uses.

By integrating LTO Network's anchoring service across the Capptions platform, we can give blockchain a mobile face. For Capptions, adding blockchain to our applications is something we consider beneficial to our clients. They are dealing with environmental inspections carried out by the Dutch government, oil terminal inspections for parties like Fujairah Oil and the safe refueling of thousands of aircraft at Schiphol airport. Our inspection app handles sensitive and vital data, so immutability is critical. By implementing blockchain, we're able to let multiple stakeholders monitor and provide one decentralized, secure audit-trail in real-time, at every stage.

Jonathan Stolk
CEO of Capptions
LTO Network - Rick Ros

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