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“The most devoted and tech savvy bunch of whizzkids I have ever met”

- Sandor Klein (VP of Sysdig)


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Making blockchain integration easy in every organization

The LTO Network team is on a mission create and maintain a fully decentralized and highly efficient blockchain infrastructure, directly applicable and aimed at creating value for organizations.

LTO Network can be used by any company with a need for a production-ready blockchain that allows for digital verification of digital assets and enabling collaboration through the use of decentralized workflows.

Meet the team

Get to know the rock stars who only have one goal in mind: the global adoption of LTO Network.

Rick Schmitz
Martijn Migchelsen
Arnold Daniels
Arnold Daniels Lead Architect
Sven Stam
Martijn Broersma
Rick Ros
Rick Ros Account Executive
Ivan Golovko
Jelle Bets
Jelle Bets Ecosystem V - Europe
Jiang Jie Hu
Jiang Jie Hu Ecosystem V - Asia
Moesjarraf Jahangier
Moesjarraf Jahangier SR Backend Developer
Yevhen Horbachov
Yevhen Horbachov Lead Frontend Developer
Sarfaraaz Jahangier
Sarfaraaz Jahangier SR Full-stack Developer
Mitchel Kerckhaert
Mitchel Kerckhaert Developer
Jurre Wolsink
Jurre Wolsink Developer
Benjamin Roeloffs Valk
Benjamin Valk JR Frontend Developer / Designer
Michael Nieveld
Michael Nieveld Legal & Tax
Maurits Wismeijer
Maurits Wismeijer Legal
Lise Kate Palmer
Lisa Kate Palmer Agent
Mies Rijperman
Mies Rijperman Agent



2015 - Q2

LegalThings v1.0

The release of the first white label version of the LegalThings platform. This version introduced a document and form builder, a document management system, advanced user and permission management and digital signing.


2016 - Q1

LegalFlow v1.0

We created software for FIRM24 to run the procedures for incorporations. Other customers were also interested in these digitized procedures. We did a small pivot, changing the focus to digitizing the contracts as FSM (Finite State Machine), rather than just signing.


2017 - Q3

Hackathon winner by the Dutch Ministry of Justice

During the blockchain hackathon organized by the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security, we demonstrated that a whole legal procedure can be digitized as an FSM and stored on the blockchain. This got us the 1st prize in the event which included the assignment to create the first digitized legal procedures for the Dutch legislative system on the blockchain.


2018- Q1

PoC for the Dutch Ministry of Justice

We built a Proof of Concept of the new solution for the Ministry of Justice and Security, following up on the hackathon win of 2017.

2018 - Q2

BlockChaingers 'best code' prize

We attended the biggest hackathon together with the WAVES team and were awarded ‘the best code’ prize from BlockChaingers.

2018 - Q2

PoC for Waste Transportation tender launch

We launched the testnet solution with the Dutch and Belgian governments following up on the tender.


2019 - Q1

Mainnet launch and crowd sale

We launched mainnet and closed the last round of token sale, raising 990,000 USD in the last round.

2019 - Q3

Layer 1 Open-Source

Open-source public chain code, modification of Waves/NXT.

2019 - Q3

Layer 2 Open-Source

Open-source the toolkit of Layer 2, unique FSM ad-hoc event chains.

2019 - Q4

Proofi beta launch

Released the beta of Proofi starting with online signatures for emails with Gmail integration.


2020 - Q1

Marketplace Launch

Improving the Integrator Portal and including live use cases for clients to learn from.

2020 - Q1

Association TXs

New transaction type on mainnet which will serve for SSI on-chain.

2020 - Q1-Q2

Proofi Release

Launching Proofi app, with improved KYC, platform integrations, and API documentation for developers.

2020 - Q2

Sponsored Accounts

Allows the parties to use mainnet without the need to buy tokens themselves as tx fees are provided by third-parties that can charge in fiat.

2020 - Q2

LetsFlow Release

Workflow Engine tooling to deploy MVPs of centralized and decentralized use cases, creating adoption for Live Contracts.

2020 - Q4

LPOI Release

Pass the final testing stage and release Leased Proof of Importance, LTO Network's variation on Proof of Stake.

The LTO Mentality

Community Love

Community Love

We believe that an open-source mentality is the new way to a successful business. With our community behind us, we can grow faster than any other company.
Get Things Done

Get things done

We are determined to reach our goals and work towards them with extreme attention to detail. Working smart is not that hard.
Great rewards

Great rewards

Working should be fun too. Try to beat us at a game of football or have a good glass of wine with us on a Friday afternoon.
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